Frequently asked questions...


Are your dishes very spicy?

Probably the most common question and the hardest one to answer! Some dishes are hotter than others and whilst we say ‘medium’ hot, this really depends on your own taste for spice. If you are nervous about the dish being too spicy, we recommend that you ask for it slightly milder – it’s much harder to enjoy your meal if it’s too hot for you.


I have an intolerance to gluten – do you have anything suitable for me?

We do have dishes on the menu that are suitable for those who suffer from Coeliac disease or have a sensitivity to gluten. Please advise us of your requirement when ordering and we would be happy to help.


I am severely allergic to peanuts. Can you accommodate this?

Peanuts can easily be omitted when cooking your dish (Pad Thai, for example) and we will take care to ensure that there is none in your order. However, we must stress that peanuts are used and handled in our kitchen and therefore may not be suitable for those who have a very severe form of the allergy.


There is a Thai dish I really like but you don’t have it on your menu. Are you able to make it?

Please do ask us and if we have the ingredients we will make every effort to make it for you. Some dishes that have been requested in the past take a little more time to prepare so if we are extremely busy, unfortunately we may not be able to make it for you on that occasion.


Do you pre-prepare your dishes?

No. We take pride in making every dish to order to give you the freshest meal. However, a very small number dishes require slow cooking and these dishes unfortunately cannot be adjusted.


I’m disappointed that you don’t have my favourite item on the menu available today. Why is that?

We hold a sensible level of stock of each of our ingredients to ensure that we can serve you fresh food. Unfortunately, sometimes our most popular dishes may run out, or we are unable to source certain ingredients (particularly imported goods like wing beans and Thai/Asia-grown herbs or vegetables).


Do you use MSG?

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a flavour enhancer that is commonly used by oriental restaurants. We never add MSG to our cooking at home – so we don’t use it for you either.


Where do you deliver to?

We currently offer free delivery for Dinner orders over £15 within a two mile radius of the restaurant.


Can you deliver beyond two miles?

This is usually possible for a small charge and subject to driver availability. Regrettably, during very busy Dinner services we may not be able to. Please do give us a call and we will let you know if we can deliver to you that evening.


Do you cater private functions?

Yes, we do! Yupa has been catering for private functions for nearly 30 years, from weddings to birthdays, to retirement parties, we have catered a variety of different events, including buffet functions, canapé service and three-course banquet meals. Whether at a large venue or in your home, we would be happy to discuss your requirements and provide a sample menu and serving suggestions tailored to your ideas and budget.


Do you operate a BYO policy? 

No. We are a licensed restaurant serving beers and wine and do not allow customers to bring their own alcohol. We work closely with our wine supplier Bibendum to offer wines that complement our food.


Are children/young families welcome in your restaurant?

Of course! We are a family business and welcome little ones of all ages. We have a booster seat available or you are welcome to bring your own to strap to our chairs.


But will there be dishes suitable for my children? Isn’t Thai food really spicy?

Please ask us for recommendations if you are unsure about the menu items. We know which dishes are typically popular with children and would be happy to talk to you about what would likely be suitable. It’s not all spicy!

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